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Satan’s Coffin (Hot Blood 1985)

   “Aus” Ingolstadt early eighties of Thrash/Speed Metal crew formed there as your German shouts and terror-noises from Vectom truly sounding solid like most of the early Thrash Metal guardians of the gate keeps on doing that time.
Until the middle of ninety-five then disbanded but as you may remembered from the muzak per-dominant metal-heads off Christian Bucher, Horst Gotz, Ralf Simon to Wolfgang Sonhutter as well as Stefan Kroll came slamming, bashing, blowing the ears of their audience out of the world and make thus amplifiers exploded quickly much within their Heavy Metal semi-extremity sounds – fast and slicing right from the recording of Speed Revolution as the dark hooded and masked figures seeing you back with their deadly stares and Loudness and Speed, Day of Execution, The Extreminator or In Nomine Satanas off the debut record - Rules of mystery would be a nightmare soundtrack not only for your little brothers or sisters but for your parents as much as well haunted !

Rules Of Mystery: