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Salmon Venom (Bandcamp 2017)

Emotional Punk-Pop and Indie Rock melodramatic as the themed of trauma, beyond sadness, trans-generic to more sociable lyrics and points recovers onto these fine Melbourne’s  band – Two Steps In The Water quartet of June, Sienna, Jonathan and Ellah quite legible Wurundjeri land atmosphere placed on the cosmic horizon and melodic drama sections as June Jones performing her guitars or lyrics by singing songs, strings arrangements or violin by Sienna Thornton to Jonathan Nash drumming softer is also a singer once whilst within the helpful hands from Sam Boon on baritone saxophone, Isobel Knowles doing the trumpet as Lily Thornton did cello performance and the lead singer male vocalist may reminding hard to us about how Dave Matthews band sounded alike when he releasing a solo record.
Sword Songs carrying its greater songs of lamentations just like you might choose yourself instantly I like A Very Hot Shower, Hold Me, Bolt of Lightning or Can I Not ? naturally, connected and slowly weird as it gets an attention.

Sword Songs: