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Runaway Daughter (Not On Label 2012)

   Androgynous dynamic fools upon Rock N’ Roll standing party reasons to be found but not necessarily important just listen to them – the New York City blonde girl lead singer Esther Crow, guitarist Dan Crow, Oweinama Biu (keyboards, guitars, vocals) and Derek Davidson (bass) to drummer Alan J. Camlet as The Electric Mess comes to messy around within their witching hour of Funky grooves terminating sessions of sell-out party beats fits for making love, licking pleasures, cheating on wives, cheating on lame husbands, go endurance of vintage sounds Psychedelic Pop-Rock formats and interracial attractions audience filled dreams are there on the non-labeled Falling Off The Face of The Earth garaging rocks via the tension off I Thought about You, The Girls with The Exploding Dress, Nice Guys Finish Last, Don’t Take Your Bad Trip Out on Me, I Didn’t Miss You At All or He Looks like a Psycho must be a dreadful parade of tracks to avoid by those party-goers and freako-minders to mingled, to swinging partners smells like cheap perfumes or pussy tongues punkish people with the background sounds sang by The Electric Mess !