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Rosini Segway (Not On Label)


   The envisioned proposal written and arranged in a distinctive vary knot on instrumentals Progressive Mana-Core or Post-Metal named Town Portal off Copenhagen – Denmark which consisting for a quartet consisting on drummer Malik Breuer Bistrup, bassist Morten Ogstrup Nielsen and double duty guitarists of Christian Henrik Ankerstjerne and Jeppe Lillegaard Nielsson on their way to the adventuring life-time lapse ejects  throughthis groovy -  Vacuum Horror; technically superb with the focus of writings and warmth tones used to be owned by Jazz-players only but between the swamp of a gloomy night and the giant moth of the soul carrier one or two and more as many may finding something exciting for yourself via Steaming Scrolls, Drastic Insights or Phantom Time as no single-one of human vocals available on this miscellaneous works.

Vacuum Horror: