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Rememberance ? (Ohm Recordings 2007)

   Anthony Tombling Junior and David Francolini and Will Crewdson must be a good musician having their lifetime being not well-known by the public as the concept for their musical Gothic-Rock and Pop-sense might too closer in similarity to Depeche Mode but with the exceptional distorting values emerged with the tracks – the mistaken views from the listeners and music public should be bond there. Brought their sensational glamour of cold-Electronic and Goth-Indie as New Wave blending right on targets here over their releasing album – Here Are The Roses which spreading either dark-waving romance of the frozen hearts or the messages to your dead love-ones long time ago or just several days to re-contact in a form of groovy music beats monotonously melodic. A harmony distorts and the singing attitudes off the group really capturing the eye-blinks catch even on those non-selling out songs or some other goods via Condition, Treasure, Epiphany, Trust and Lonely Tonight.

Let it flowing untouched because the living thought it’s already dead in the foggy mist but the music continues to play …

Here Are The Roses: