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Relic Dawn Lunar (Self-Released 2014)

   Essex, UK’s latest imported Progressive Metal and Doom-tinged unit by the name of Earthmass; your lesser-known quartet comprising on Jack Burley (drums, vocals), Rob Saunders (bass), Chris Saunders (guitars) and Chris Houghton (guitars, vocals) digging their essential madness for initiative rocking liability performance on finding a new horizon to conquer not as a dictator but more to explorers as these experiments explorations may invented something courageously bold as the independence hope lies upon the shoulders of these Psychedelic rockers playing Stoner Metal and Hard Rock via Prog-Rock accountability and spawning the second efforts as a self-titled recording as Earthmass proudly, rather than slowly vanishing to presents their total slow-emotion tones via the opening Catacombs that lasted over seven minutes and forty seven seconds followed by Spire – which might telling you about the height and the fallen of a once modern civilization destroying their neighbors land in such unspeakable words can describes – now left old and sickening as the perfect time durations for it stops at 13:37.
One might choose that they’re liking Earthmass calmer penetrations but some fanatics believed to be not too welcome to the atmospheric performance would ditching the masterpiece as presumable.