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Rehearsal Dojo (Topshelf Records 2014)

Indie Punk and Rock N’ Roll unit which hailed from Chicago, IL as the uniting front of blasting bursts of beats creatively rebellious to hear from Currier, Johns, Yingling and Jordan as the quartet of semi-Hardcore or Post-Emo Rock event happenings here right now; like a formation came out of a plain for necessity as the results of a hibernating former previous groups of each members tuning them to make a new project as four-pice within thus aggressively angular riffs, distinct amalgamation and powerful grooves to smack someone’s faces off without smiling anymore once listening to their sounds. Music outlet comes as the low-brutalized decisions of unwind tales and disarray calculations spawning the essential rage onto Night Years album which pretty scary to enjoy but not illegal to have.
From The National Throat, Sea of ID, Christmas on Easter Island, Between Death & Taxes to those poetic-related ones like King of The Mountain: A Romance Novel and Gunshots Or Fireworks – via Matt Jordan producing and recorded must be buzzed-out with tons of riffs and choruses to rocking your head’s off the ground and believe while listening !

Night Years: