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Red Roses Cherub (Reignition Recordings 2005)

   Distinctive in power of most people would considering that Smashing Pumpkins should be crowned as the real king of Alternative Rock because, to be honest – you might have to believe yourself while listening to their magnificent tracks from several years of recording works and hits being converting by covers on this releasing of V.A The Killer In You: A Tribute to Smashing Pumpkins from these troops of better tomorrow or worst emotionally Pop-sensitive and rocking out riffs or just being corporate in seminal originality via the softer side versions and with names like Armor For Sleep to 32 Leaves to Eighteen Visions and Poison The Well as great as the new periodic buzzing distorts erupts like heaven’s flooding by blessings pouring down via Mayonaise by Emanuel, Jelly Belly (A Thorn For Every Heart), A Static Lullaby tackles The Everlasting Gaze, and Vaux comes in with the warmth pulse of 1979 as well as some other song like Soma, Eye or Zero available through – either the destine clear strings or the double drumming bi-pedals cautions.

Some Alternative Rock dreams do came true as being seen yourself in a mirror’s reflection !