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Red Marker Pens (Hyperdub 2010)

   Labeled in the making for sounding infamous, unique, weird and groovy beats personality common gaming to erase your smile over getting under-estimated on this girl of London underground scene members; Sara Abdel-Hamid as her real name or being known to small public crowds as Ikonika as running label-mates to productive musicians spreading her works all over the social-media projects and hyperdubbing sounds that kills the gamers and Electronic experimental lovers to sociable listener towards the works on her other aliases as a Kill Kip as the future minds of mix-clouds entertainers you need to focus at right there within the album releasing via Contact, Love, Want, Have. Blending waves for Chiptunes, Dubstep to Techno and monotonous Break-beats coloring the hearing sense room through Heston, R.E.S.O.L, They Are All Losing The War, Yoshimitsu, Idiot and Video Delays. Instrumentals at it pointless pointy corner as the staccato turns onto something invisible as the new millennium continues to poisoning our minds with technology approaches.