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Re: The Procyon Incident (Clean Plate Records 2014)

   When rainbows, temple silhouette, chaos and war in tradition of mankind works as possible themes count as the greater melodious for the trio of Jose Palafox, Mike Kirsch and Spencer Rangitsch as Baader Brains blistering their Hardcore to New School R n’ B punkish moves action for the New Era Hope Colony comes to life in reality worst nightmares through The Crevasse, Vostok Welcoming Party, Plenary Keynote Address (6th Congress) and Sensations Fix that sounded progressively aware in your hearings as Notes From The Icy Chrysalis occurs later on – showing to us that there’s nothing really great will restoring this planet from the obesity greed caused by envy of men. 

Just pray for destruction and doomsday if you think there’s nothing you can do better today !

New Era Hope Colony: