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Ravished Complaint (Bandcamp 2014)

   A provoking elemental Cross-Over Modern Metal obliterated grooves in Electronic, Thrash Metal, Industrial and Heavy Metal by some ex-members thought that they can still make another project bigger than their previous bands before as for that, Martin Moser the mastermind figure quickly turning this side-project to fully touring group instantly and Scargod seeing themselves as a invading newer subject that fans might like to head-bang with while listening .
Brutal tricks and bursting beats obey the corrosive of the features names like Lisa Wagner (Adamon) for clean female vocals, Dominik Sebastian (Serious Black, Edenbridge) for all guitars, Malthus Unholytoxicomaniac on drums and Christcrusher for the screaming to clear vocals as it is seems possible for this Black Metal/Thrash Grooves cynical unit to vomiting their dark album – Sacrilegious Symphonies as the blood tears falling as a sign that the incarnation of evil is coming for the second times. Admiring thus Nuns Faggots and Lewd Blasphemers, Deface The Impragnable Church or The Hymns of My Disgrace against The Book of Lies. 

Amen for Extreme Metal raw hellish presentations …

Sacrilegious Symphonies: