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Rasga Me (Polydor 1991)

   Seminal Indie-Pop with heavy Folk-Rock tinged into thus Classic mixing between Le Francais, Western Europe to Berlin(er) combinations of poetic justice and falsetto voice defending the calm ways of how they’re playing music and sing; these Germany group of Poems For Laila which consisting of Anja Clarissa Gurke, Jean Marie Gilles, Markus Runzheimer to Nikolai Tomas and many more names re-building their rootsy of ballads, Folk-rocking and even Ska/Pop to Gypsy music and Goth-hollows bestial to fixes a performance right via this second full length album with La Filllette Triste which hugely might sounding like a bit strange but artistic Rock and Pop combinations with traditional or the other-side of semi-pagan music holding the hand of old heathen Germanic beliefs there within I Hold a Prince, The Mirror, Something Went Wrong, Night in Bordeaux and Round Round (The Gentleman’s Fear) as the accordion, acoustic guitars, soft percussion and harmony vocals marking the essence for this record sounded mystically good …

La Fillette Triste: