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Rape & Take (Massacre Records 2010)

The Netherlands founding efforts that also hardened the Epical Symphonic Metal alliance among the groups emerging from the country getting through to the outside world and making surprises as like this project of what so-called Sin7Sins which a female fronted band as you might adoring how sweet Pop-Symphonic Rock works as recommended as heavy and intense which carried the philosophy on murderous or suicidal-tinged proposal on their sensual lyrics and music.

Rang the alarm within Tristan Hex on guitars as Gen Morphine did the guitars/vocals, Corbin Crow playing bass guitar and Lotus singing the lead vocals position on the group as the releasing for the Gothic Metal album on Perversion Ltd. meets the interests for the audiences and listeners whom getting crazy for addicted to either 7even Stitches, Dead World, Crossroad 666, Sexual Predator, Eye Want All up to Between Broken Dreams or Portrait in Blood (Braindead) – means the meaningless life full of shit must ended or being cleansing to be purified again for a different form of life-form and Industrial ballast music.

Perversion Ltd: