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Raised Right (Independent 2012)

   Alternative-tinged with Country-Folk taste as well as how Desert-Rock of Lynch-ian romantics have to be spawned awesomely far sided on Ireland soil; for the time now – not the first since this talented musician calling himself Grum playing with local collaborations as the supreme Jerry Fish, Mick Flannery to Dagger Lees and Deetrich or Bic Runga as semi-internationally grows Grum’s participation towards the wider worldly music as completing as slinky thrilling within this mini recording release of Ghosts. With all thus written lyrics and music, sung and played and produced by Grum himself might sounding like the innocent demo sessions from Lou Reed without Velvet Underground playing the small stage with a small amplifier and an electric guitar alone. Singing to himself about Faith Hope & Charity or A Mother’s Love is Nothing More Than Two Hearts on The Line as completed thus four at all.

Such a rural-ism ode to those beauty wandering spirits …