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Puffy Jackets (Graveface Records 2008)

   A collage of daily and eventually events which happening on your twenty-four hours lives per week multiply as boredom or depression gets a grip on your feelings after or before the unfortunate tales occurred but A Winner’s Shadow won’t be the last of it – as this Rhode Island’s Indie-Pop group which migrate to Minneapolis originally led by Darren Jackson complaining about the new York System but dearly praising Stars; playing on his own seminal jangly/grungy displayed minds with Chutes And Ladders or being seriously, discuss about Port Authority and making the Transfusion of more hope and prayers to others in need via music.
A very good one try-out on making this Kid Dakota’s third installments for their career already. One might loving them after having this record playing one evening through their ears – just like a romantic love at the first sight goes to aisle.

A Winner's Shadow: