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Puberty Ditch! (Self-Released 2016)

   Don’t bitchin’ hard because you may already turned to bitch while correcting not to have a look over this energy of pro-raw and brutally legal taste of Metal-Core meets Pop-Punk and these angry teenagers wanting to overloaded their massive libido onto the crushing yet melodious tower of strength on this social-values themed tracks written down as plural championing title as themselves a scenery point of views as a trio: Jonas (guitar), Dylan (bass, vocals) and Steven (guitars, vocals) within their mission to take-out any posers or hipsters away from their music career and shows.
These Frankfurt, Germany group comes with this releasing Rabunkenparty as yet – blending Nu-Metal, Death-core, multi-purposed of necessary punkish acts and even alienated core of blasting sounds into a sarcasm theory and practice just like having lunch over a great white shark and stuff like that. 
Santa Jaws clearly bursting their thoughts and performance not begging to the world but shouting at it through the perfect parallel variable of ramshackle rough stomps via Tony Jaws’ Pro Snacker, Watch Him Leave, Teenfare, U.S.A, Straight Broke, Smoke & Blood or Catfished. Screamo-Punk-Core mayhems !