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Pt. 2 So Below (Profound Lore Records 2017)

Seattle, Washington praying that this city won’t carrying the weight burden left behind as their infamous seminal or legendary groups of Grunge heroes one by one died or gone like empty promises but thank you to how the regency of underground generation may featured their own ability and influences not to clinging on the lasted no longer legacy for the future capital of the rock world but from the ashes of extremity comes a more intriguing, evil and dark-riders sound-basher musicianship to carried their own style of Heavy Metal that once used to influencing how Grunge got its reputations from the collaborations between Punk-Pop and Thrash Metal and as Doom Metal emerging towards the duo of metal-heads local: Dylan Desmond (bass/vocals) and Jesse Schreibman (drums/vocals) walking fair for introducing their story about a figure creature featured on their latest recording – Mirror Reaper – as Bell Witch. Divided onto two parts; descending the particular darkness attached on evil arrangements which slow-blasting  as the sky opening while the audience seeing it with fear upon Mirror Reaper pt. 1 – As Above.
The forty-eight minutes and thirteen seconds of tale about winged demons whose not creeping out from our feet but fallen from heaven – cast out here to conquering mankind’s will or consuming the weaker souls.

Mirror Reaper: