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Poeise Digitale (Self-Released 2015)

   Addressing oneself as DJ RedSun but knowing by the smaller locale medias and fans attendance  as Double Dragon – releasing his recording of self-titled with a hungry ferocious Bengal tiger as the persuasion passion beliefs that the recording isn’t a childish toys in disguises but the eminent blowers blending between the Synth-Popular music, Hip-Hop after works and drinking – but possibly electronic-related to Double Dragon’s favorite artists of all time from Daft Punk, Light Asylum and M83. Came from Scituate, Rhode Island travelling by the beats releasing by thus tracks of Pop-Rock Electronic and let Man of Steel, Dance, Rebirth, Lemon, Dragon Fly and Redemption – still cannot erasing your sins but at least, asking people to think harder and find something to wait nearly dark and jumping with claws to their prey. Watch-out to leave your back door un-intended or mam’s headache shall be the indicator that your mom luckily save from an evildoer designs by D.N.A as bi-standard slow-techno music of an advancing new technology.

Double Dragon: