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Pleiadian Dispatch (Empyre Records 2016)

   Known before as being born as Mike Kirsch and grown-up to put a Punk-Rock Pop actions via several good career of rebellious daily punkish including East Bay’s seminal group Pinhead Gunpowder frontman within thus next carries act via Mothercountry Motherfuckers self-inflicted short story to tell the world in released album Confidential Human Source; as a project of fallen haiku departed for the trans-gender front woman now as Sarah Kirsch originally loudest as malcontent as Emo-Hardcore, power-violence and proud scenery out of Amherst – Massachusetts on this package of sixteen full-colors booklet you need to see or collect and the tracks of fighting the abusive world themes surrounding the life of many through Public Policy Paper, Machines Without Loving, Tiny Cups, Onward to The Seven Sisters and Gates of Renault via (Violent Interlude). She then, sadly died because of a rare genetic disease called Fanconi Anemia.
   As affected friendships and effective inspiration can comes from anywhere – considering this one of thus wiser tales to share to the world today !

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