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Pimu Child (Lolipop Records 2017)

   Just because you’re coming from Laguna Beach, California doesn’t mean that you’re playing cheesy music that sucks but as the vintage Rock N’ Roll from the West Coast with Heavy Rock-tinged following the melodic solos or the mid-tempo off the performance via Ecstatic Union’s self-titled album – Ecstatic Union helding their atmospheric smokey haze for Psychedelic Folk-Rock and Tribal blending beats in order to spreading the lost Flower Generation’s spirits and the swinging utterly power of the progressive musical via the west side shores since the sixties until now – spawning these good trio musicians and better but mystical album to listening to. From your favorite Illuminator to Ancient Eyes, In The middle of The Night to Muse of Color; way onto thus Beautiful Darkness and Sight of View and Lady Dance closing the gate of musical performance on the groovy rocks your bottom off.
A promise that one and more of the audience among hundreds shall wanted to have more from these group; reserved well on the groovy melodies and harmony vocals companion for the harvesting hour over the rest of October – preparing for the winter to come as the cold winds begun to come down the mountain valleys.

Ecstatic Union: