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Pigeonhole Disease (TVT Records 1998)

Ska-Punk emerging via the midst of nineties as a brand new format for the refreshing nerve over Punk-Rock comeback to the Pop culture scene and during the mid to late experienced for tons of bands pops in to the billboard charts; one of them probably – should be sighted on your radar and the band’s name is Buck-O-Nine. Touring then, growing the popularity of over-trendy fishing water for the third-wave Ska music scene fits for beachy lives community and Californian-based life style but regretfully living short in periods but when you talking about Buck-O-Nine; not only the composition – Jon Pebsworth (vocals), Dan Albert (trombone), Tony Curry (trumpet), Steve Bauer (drums), Jonas Kleiner (guitars), Andy Platfoot (bass guitar) and Craig Yarnold (alto/tenor saxophone) may always remembering the time they’d releasing Libido in the middle edgy of their career to topping their own level for a while.
A sweet-sexy recording of Ska-Punk and Reggae Rock mixture with wet bikini girl washed her body to get your eyes looking at her appearance as the energetic musical performance and that nasty flirt-looks in boy’s eyes combining the power and jumping fun of rage turns to laughing because shining lives still good to enjoy here with Tell It Like It Was, Swimming in The Sand, Falling Back to Sleep, Awkward Girl, Headlines or A lot in My Head like a picnic themed On A Sunny Day with your babe but it’s always fun for a single-out to looking for another one hotter standing wet while your girlfriend didn’t notice. 

That’s Rude !