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Piano Spin (Bandcamp 2010)

   Think hard about the Adriatic/Latino version of the mixtures for Tori Amos, Christina Perri, Ani Di Franco or Joni Mitchell and you might finding it out not a secret anymore through the performance led by Romina Di Gasbarro (vocals, classic guitars, arranger and producer) with guitarist David Occhipinti, Andrew Downing (double bass, cello) to Jean Martin (drums, engineer) with violinist Aisslinn Nosky and Karen Moffatt (viola) to Francesco Pellegrino (tenor) while the lyrics written as well by Romina herself – recording the materials through the misty good album to share here to us over Poema; the Toronto, Ontario-based Moorish woman musician stepping in to introduced herself in bright talents and softer-side talking about the simple life and its problematic as the natural plays and the great singing may completely leading Corner of Heaven, Love Life Sentence, Scent of Your Pillow and more spreading romance flowering the scented air close by our presence there with The Foolish and The Good (None Hit Wonder) make Changes miraculously invited to come knocking on you without warning, when suddenly, you just giving up and loosing care.