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Pet Back As Fun (Valery Records 2006)

Not actually a Classic scoring music for your Horror collections on this year’s Halloween but like it or not that these Italian Power-Metal crew led by its forming figure – guitarist Luca Cabri means amazing fast tempos and eligible solo melodic striking down to make your ears cooked and your head banging hard while listening to the (once) a tribute to Helloween performers band but started to do their own materials later on. Within Alessandro Conti, Guido Benedetti, Leone Villani Conti Luca Setti, Luca Venturelli or more ex-members gone and come in replacements for the group didn’t affecting the performance much because Heavy Metal rules and plenty scary figures posing in front of the album cover which might attracting some viewers. As eternally with or without the main figure of a good band or worst and Trick Or Treat means business to releasing their album called Evil Needs Candy Too. The ferocious territorial extra-vaganza abrasive rocking sounds blasting out from the recording song-lists as It’s Snack Time, Like Donald Duck, Joyful in Sadness, Who Will Save The Hero or Sunday Morning in London giving the secluded samples on how listeners expecting these rock-heads to sounded alike.

Not surprising for the silly themes chosen perhaps? May your satisfaction hauntingly guaranteed from here …

Evil Needs Candy Too: