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Paul McGinnis (Teenbeat 2003)

   Once a solo project from a guy who used to be a member to that band named Eggs as weirdy thoughts ruling his mind and then he started to crawling out from the shell that cracks already to build his own but next later becomes a duet cause his girlfriend showed up and there’s how you known about veteran Indie Rock man Rob Christiansen and Jeannine Durfee quickly met and establishing the group only for themselves. As the Shoegaze and Folk-Pop sprayed with Goth-Pop atmosphere, non-sweetening alternative choices and creepy echoes becomes one as The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers releasing on their complex and simple album of the third installments finally – opens with Better Days Coming Now but exactly – not your Jangle-Pop loving favorites to listen actually.
Based on the daily activities over urban and big city people as thus inhabitants really spending less time to communicates to themselves but going from home earlier and coming back very late but some still concerning care to nature as they’re kept the order in good calls being written over ideas for these tracks like Morning Coffee, All You Want to do is Make Me Cry (with John Rickman’s drumming), Winner and Cradle and if you could or should just stay with your partners – no matter what. Or You’ll Be Lonely with Me as The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers brilliantly, capturing the sensation one by one per songs did the buzzing …

Better Days Coming Now: