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Paramount Guest (Napalm Records 2008)

   With the infamous track on MyEarthDream album from Edenbridge – the symphonic Metal unit from Linz, Austria that brought the reality terminology about how this style of Heavy metal should sounding alike in your perspective heads might be looked closer on the sub-division off the 12:37 minutes duration of hailing sense of Rock-chestra arena by greater harmonies and bigger widening sounds to hear and taste through The Road Ahead, Pristine or The Last Card and Slumbers as the direct bridging emulsion over the exciting of imagining or viewing the tunes and the strings arrangements form over the band’s finest Gothic Metal-tinged recording. With Johannes Jungreithmeier (drums), Dominik Sebastian (guitar), Lanvall (guitar, keyboards, bass) and Sabine Edelsbacher on lead vocals; Edenbridge turning themselves a shining gemstone on Western European Heavy Metal scene slowly and through the releasing you can bet that they’re developing further more to a better band by sound and themes.
Complex, imaginable and really content to giving the audience the best progressions only – the seventh installments so far – MyEarthDream consisting on more epic metallic tensions not only the ballads but includes the speeding metallic tunes as well as the growler vocals which can correctly seeing via Place of higher Power, Shadowplay, Adamantine, Whale Rider or Remember Me.
Infamously, gorgeous !