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Paper Big Thin (Rumbletowne Records 2013)

   Olympia, WA is not just a Grunge birth of place anymore these days; it’s already a good breeding ground for most every kinds of Indie Rock and Pop-Punk tinged trends sound-makers to have and making their own brands within the spot. Meet these local Punk-Rock troops whom has spreading their wings within the catchy riffs and speed-power of Pop intensive-care unit over Rock sounds – here’s to you: RVIVR with Chris Bauermeister, Erica Freas to Kevin Rainsberry and Matt Canino as the former members of many more local groups uniting their forces onto this new one.
Feel blasting free of trying not to smiling but jumps happily as the format rocking tracks on their second full length album – The Beauty Between beats the shit out of you while wrapping your guts with gladness as the riff-age splashing great enchanting tones right for your ears to an unforgettable moments meeting them on your damn stereo or Fm radio station for the first time and you fell in love.
   Yes … yes … 
Everyone should liking these musicians for being simple, honest and crazy fun making music not too commercially sell-out but you know that songs like LMD, The Seam, Wrong Way/One Way, Rainspell, The Hunger Suite (divided onto three section of sub-titles) or Elephant Song may causing small brain damage but no need to panic – it’s only rock n’ roll and you loving it !

The Beauty Between: