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Pandora (Not On Label 2017)

When you liking to blend the interesting facts about the sounds of PJ Harvey, Grace Jones and M.I.A then – an Alternative fusion for Rock N’ Tribal drums to the world island Punkish powerful, feminist as brilliance as goddess she might be look and smells alike. Meet Dana Jade straight from London but born in Trinidad whose also considering NYC as her bases as well and without trying to make someone or more people mad; this exotic angry talented woman with moods camouflaging onto Ms. Mohammed not exactly related to the prophet family but exactly, purified herself onto the New Wave, Electronic and Punk-Rock spirits pleasure; with her playing the guitars/bass and additional percussion with the help from dhol player Tajinder Sehmbi and drummer Daisy Palmer which been releasing this Alibi mini album on four tracks available. Strange, strangled, exquisite, danceable and arousing with the experimental touch and beats and the interest for different sexual perspective for the lady herself comes Never Again and Written in Time.