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Oubliette Endzone (Hyperdub 2016)

   Conceptual artist and composer based in Kuwait but Fatima Al Qadiri is a Senegal-born female with strong vision and influences making her ideas possible to sending things from past memory to the gate of futuristic views rising like tide of waves on an evening times in recent September leaving to October leaving again until Dakar.
Co-fronting this experimenting Electro-Ambient and traditional Grime sounds in mixture to the moment she finally can releasing this second album – Brute as her now moved in base to Berlin; Fatima Al-Qadiri isn’t only unique, exotic but you will saying it to yourself that these creepy Dark Ambient meets Bass-Line, Abstract Leftfield to Down-Tempo experimental are probably, one of thus particularly almost perfect to get inside the world heritage collector’s shelf today. 
The danger looks out of a teletubbies-look alike figure dressing up in a riot control police brigade uniform might symbolized the violence ready to lure and awaits mankind in every day disagreements or protester’s rally and being told in thus echoing Blood Moon, Breach, Battery, Curfew, 10-34 to Fragmentation and Aftermath. 
Still not convincing enough about the real meaning of modern Brute ? 
Then, listen carefully …