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One Traffic (Independent 2011)

Loud is The trio of The Fireworks – the London, UK group that fuzz-ing out the rocks of Indie-Pop wall of distortion into your world as fast and good as it gets even if you think the music is too damn mono than stereo but Dandelion Radio Session (January 2011) would be a delighted recording release by Matthew Rimell (vocals/guitars), Isabel Albiol (bass) and Beth Arzy (vocals/trombone) to their additional drummer/additional guitarist Shaun Charman. 

Biting with loud live band performance and singing like they didn’t care what public would be thinking about them did for then. Like a displays of sparkles and the works of sprite-fires of trees; Higher and Higher or Back To You or For Him are simple and pop in many ways for consumed by ours the common listeners.

Dandelion Radio Session: