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One Star (Nymphaea 2011)

   Better believe that the moment you trying to listen for Gothic Sky as a real metal-heas one would quickly being moved to the wildside once the screaming growl vocals and symphonic female background vocals to the blasting extremities follow the previous metallic thunder cracking as well as thus slower beauty in dangerous seductions made from the performance off the group on their cyrillic russian alphabets over the album recording for (all being translated in English) Maze Wandering which contains of Doom Metal/Gothic/Black Metal symphonies attached to the themes surrounding vampires, romance and vampiric love lusts on these Michurinsk, Tambov Region crew as the traditional sounds and heritage blending onto one particular metallic force swirling out and destroying ears but gains as much fan-based as possible because of the artistic side composed within those ten tracks. From Beige Sunrise, Valley Prophetic Dreams to Sleeping Flowers or Castle Tribulation may not overwhelming any scares about how kingdom surviving its end of the era as being pressured by the darker force ready to conquering the land only to be stopped by the gypsy-fortune teller lady whose carrying the red stoned lantern to driving away the curses from the desert's sands to purifying the nature once again just like this Gothic Sky recording to our listening room.

Melodically almost like the finest not powerless !