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O.K Fiesta Basket (Self-Released 2017)

   Fully distorted and standard fast to ruin your expectations about Pop-Punk records that not too damn close to commercialism; compromising from Aaron Ponzo (guitar, vocals, keys, bass, drums), Colin Bauer (drums, bass, guitars, ideas, a good attitude), Seth Ponzo (drums) and Tyler Blue Broderick (bass) whom sounding similar to the worst formations of Weezer getting too drunk to rock but you would love to listening the parts of riff-age plus the melodies and the simple silly solos or thus harmony group-vocals and Perfect (the album) by The Expos – exposing themselves not as being famous or richer but just being free to decide and be what they really wanted to be for this physical copy to order if you like them: Spray Boy Roy, Grill, Popsicles or Thirstbuster and many more of thus Power-kindness/Desert Pop-Punk as did it D.I.Y with plenty mountain dew products proudly served themselves as a representation for Phoenix – Arizona as you might taking your flying V guitar out and then, Grunge rocking all night long writing materials or just listening to them along !

Thank You Pop-Punk distortions.