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Ocean Eclipse (Season Of Mist 2008)

Three-piece of the alienated noisy sounds coming out with the creation purging towards the rocks in Avant-Garde liquid of reincarnations is the Virus from Oslo – Norway. Yes, the trio of Virus calling themselves like that as the music bursts explosively exclusive and shall giving you the headache comprising the extreme retaliation from Carl-Michael Eide, Einar Sjurso and Petter Berntsen whom used to be called themselves Ved Buens Ende.
Releasing their second effort that combining many experimental on Heavy Metal elements to Progressive collision between more dilated to thus extremity parts available out there influenced by many legends for decades via The Black Flux; Stlakers of The Drift, Archives, As Virulent As You or Lost Peacocks or Strange Calm might be sounded like a loud background music for a remote asylum holding too much crazy souls in it, once if there’s a chance form them to get out or meeting normal people – they’ll killing almost everyone of them at once. 

Inward Bound as the insanity music rocks on in your stereo and you lost your damn mind after half hour listening …

The Black Flux: