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Oaky Timbre (Sic Recordings 2015)

Seven minutes and fourteen seconds of the private intersections for Electronic House, Spiked punchy Disco tunes, Psychedelic Techno beats and penis-envy of something not too special but intense for London, UK for this DJ and music producer spacing up his spicy music alive in control of most of the samplings as well as the instruments collaborating through breaker-beat of intrigue noises as Mojo Filter – represents. Eager to spinning you around and mixed the brutal future and classic styles into one particular latest fashionable listening hour effectively surpassing your satisfactions above sonic wormhole and cynic malfunction of death defines theory and fixture via Escape Aid L.P. Feel free to move your body through the everlasting disco-techno-electro heaven for clubbing, swimming pool party or cat-walks miaow …
Go have a pleasant evening featured – the semi-Bhangra beats for Boom Boom, finest Electronic Music on Coloured Dreams, In The Fullness of Time, L.O.V.E or Spell On You amidst the crowds not to stop … 

House or Disco or Down-Tempo; move on, move on !

Escape Aid LP: