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Oak Tree God (Graveface 2012)

   Ryan Graveface owning his own label and also a guitarist and part-time Psychedelic producer with plenty kinds of idea in his thick head to be made onto realizations and the music project must be the main aim for him; that not only the oddballs group of his own – Black Moth Super Rainbow could manage to fulfilling his destiny but there more and no need to wait, cause here’s Dreamend for you as another side-project for those who liking Indie-Pop and Alternative Folk or experimental Shoegaze – than, this magical soft recording release of the newest one from it called And The Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave sounds unfamiliar but poetic (almost tragic).
   Listen to most of the harmony on eerie touches in memorabilia or there’s hope in some up-beat tracks like The Face on The Tintype, Off Route 8, Winter Wheat way onto some melodious but creepy one to catch via The Sick Call Cabinet, Your Apparition Stays with Me Still stops for Final Truth. Satyr and calm but possibly, strangled your sanity after too much interpretations made after listening.