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Non Omnis Moriar (Bad Omen Records 2014)

Extraordinary intriguing began to lasted a bit longer as brothers of Erik and August swinging warped imaginable writings of an Epic Symphony Rock measurements going to migrate to the South part of Sweden with Viktor (one of their friend) and as the developing of these commune writer making songs and arranging music as the Blues-jam pours by sort of facts from the fantasy on nuclear post-apocalyptic to the complex mythology bonding the sense to make a band and then, The Tower was born out of the likes for Stoner Psychedelic Rock and Occult-Blues with a shade under Black Sabbath or Blue Oyster Cult-tinged there completed ny Tommie the refugee.
The debut recording finally, being released and the audience would gladly happy to hear these repertoire from The Tower on Hic Abundant Leones as grooves coming out powerfully in exact loud but never extreme to enjoy by older ears and old-timer sequences might getting caught as your finest seventies Rock jamming sounds always leading the tracks just like Adrenalawine, Exile, Lions At The Gate or Pinetree Mary to Moonstoned  - delivering the spreads of magic and mysteries to spell-bounding other souls to bow down to the commanding words of the rock-wizards of Uppsala.

Hic Abundant Leones: