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No Surrender (Mars Music Productions 2016)

   Combining the Heavy Metal bashing sounds and the elastic simplicity of Rock N’ Roll into some kinds of Guns N’ Roses-based musical from these Vienna – Austria group named Ecliptica must forging their own brands via this “Metal N’ Roll” like they calling it and thus members of six-piece stronger inevitable musicians completed the formation: Roman Daucher (drums), Petra Grooves Schuhmayer (bass), Marku Winkler and Van Alen on six-strings department with double duty vocalists mixture Tom Tieber (male) and Sandra Urbanek (female) as the wider influences being drawn from the shading sides of deeper loves for Queen, Metallica, Edguy or Sonata Arctica and Axl Rose too.
The band’s newest recording for Ecliptified really opens the boundaries between Hard Rock and Symphonic Metal as the beautiful female vocalist displayed as their own model doing the make-up but she’s already looking amazing as well as the formatting rocked out tracks on the album list like Hate The Pain, Round N’ Round, One For Rock N’ Roll, Need Your Love, Hero of The Day and many more circuits of blazing hardened tones that would blown you up and ripped the badge of disbelief on you replacing it with self-esteem while listening to these finest Austrian rock show !