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No Floods (Interscope Records 2006)

Before she grew wings and spreading them wider as one of the infamous Pop-oddity Queen of the Pop Culture shocker clash icons as Lady Gaga; Stefani Germanotta and her band used to performing Pop-Rock fetus beyond the ordinary musical compositions that sounded regular but her voice already capturing a strange vibrant of sexual differences and arousing the listeners since then. This is the beginning of the very first steps for our girl to taste her deep breath to the recording realm and with Stefani Germanotta Band; the la la la’s tone sounding a bit vulgar but alternatively independent at the time.
Feel free to touch her skin or her sensuality through this Pop-tinged bubblegum releasing of the extended play called Red & Blue. Helped by Calvin Pia (bass0, Alex Beckman (drums) and Eli Silverman (guitar) as Ms. Germanotta performing  lead vocals and keyboards with lyrics – the listeners can easily listening to the songs of Wish You Were Here, Something Crazy and Words battering your ears with goo d Pop infections.

Red & Blue: