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Nigredo Sunken (Dark Descent 2016)

As Sheidim means to be translated as demons in Hebrew language meaning then, this Barcelona dark-metallic project of Black Metal classic formed by Alejandro Tedin and Jordi Farre really means ferocity and dangerous curves filling for their path as animosity may vary or equally harmful to anyone who get in touch by listening to it – Shrines Of The Void really reacts quite infiltrates to infects your mind – forcing you to swallow the hatred and rage and things unknown came from the delivering dimensions of the invisible of evil from the other side. Raw guitars, fast killer drumming and growler vocals with the displays mask of death purely satanic in every way means necessary.
As approved to the statements; First Poison, Deviant Kingdom, Amrita and Without Reins are the subconscious knowledge of the damned Sheol sent to the world via metallic blasts !

Shrines Of The Void: