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Mr. Hubble Dear (Man’s Ruin Records 1999)

   Shredding the shrouds for a good American-nised Rock N’ Roll blasters since Ricky Sims creating his own band – this Gaza Strippers with Mike “Hadji” Hodgkiss on guitars, drummers Cory Stateler or Todd Marino as well as bassist Darren Hooper and the releasing of their first debut recording on Laced Candy; the realizations of how The Ramones sounds develops onto something more commonly head-banging honest and non-artificially came fresher and louder without any sweetening ingredients being used there for the mixing of Garage Rock and Punk and thus sexy ladies on costumes trying to infiltrates to your entertaining underground club away from the affiliations within the rebel strip’s organizations but to rock harder every ears available to having them on board. From D is For Dead, C’Mon Join The Ride, Brainwasher, Missile Command to Yin and Yang The Flower Pot Man interrupts the fire-arms, the semi-automatic rifles and the stained kiss red and invited under the rock signs.

Laced Candy: