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Mothra Revellers (Graveface 2012)

   As there's going to be a possible theory about how Sonic Youth’s parents would having their own activity for making sex and then, having children and if those stories can be explained more easily; The Lava Children should be your candidate for giving birth to the similar sounds that supposed to lead Kim Gordon and co for further experimenting through their music without too darn distorting explosions much but wiser blending performs by Dustin Bowlin, James O’Toole, Michael Dixon, Sherri West and Taylor Clark as releasing their second records for mixing the experimental Alternative Rock or Psychedelic Rock with Pop and Folk, Rumba to echoing claims over the chosen background themes which is deep explorations on the sea bed as depth as the formatted fluctuation for the sounding beats smothered and carving the wall of slow-motion Shoegaze female voices within Cave, The Kraken’s Daughter, Blue Smoke, Wormhole to When I Was The Moon.

PS. Need to believe it –there’s inhabitants dwelling the deep ocean floor with high-technology civilizations lead by a captain named Nemo.

The Lava Children: