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Moon Stray Emily (Not On Label 2015)

   Five-piece of Copenhagen, Denmark’s Progressive Rock/Metal alliance ranging their influences from the late 70’s Prog-Rock sounds of the most legendary names to the modern day mixed of Electronic/Industrial/Extreme Metal bundle of hiss featuring here as Vola (the group) with drummer Felix Ewert, keyboardist Martin Werner, Nicolai Mogensen the bass player and Asger Mygind the vocalist as included as guitarist as well. Never sounded ruining their own productive materials out for no good reasons; one should be extremely fascinating for having their ears being invited to this feast of awesome display of sounds from Vola on this releasing of Inmazes where the conclusion colliding on keyboards meet the strings arrangements to the guilt bass-line pomp up by the heavy riffs of the staging drum-sets driving the audible love-heads stays put on their spot without further movements until it finished.
The crazy modern-day riots of Djent and classic Prog-Metal balance noises helping you to understanding and the band themselves to making more self-improvements just like the genesis-based creations force fed on that unnamed figure in costume slicing the air of the universe within Your Mind is A Helpless Dreamer to Starburn and even farther travelling in light-speed via A Stare Without Eyes, Feed The Creatures and The Same War; giving us lessons about the destruction plan and the history of the destructible worlds on the other side dimension completely.