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Monkey Grip (Spent Music 1994)

   Aussie’s Hardcore Melodic crush comes and attacks from inside your stereo system – a bit faster but still standard and one might loving to pogo with it as of course, a crash-diet crunching sounds made by Errol Alley, Grant Dirckze, Joanne Lanzon and Ziad Beydoun  confirming solid as Blitz Babies just as naughty, dirty, sloppy and ferociously as they wanted to be by bursts claiming at that time the heavier  title of Melodic Hardcore infamous simplicity among thus bands around Asia Pacific since but shortly went ashtray. Bloody bad attitudes, screaming for protesting and freely can said what you can always wanted to said or share as Wicked World, Blame It, Equality, One of The Family, Long Time Ago, Burning to Now He’s Gone off this rocking album entitled - On The Line may reminding you the first time hearing to Rancid, The Distillers or The Muffs on heroin. 

On The Line: