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Miyama (Independent 2017)

   Glitch-Pop to Jazz Fusion to J-Pop samplings and Electro-EDM cut-up in Nuluv; with Waiai did the musical/arts with thehelp from Maimie on vocals, Aodaruma for the lyrics or video teaser to Fxayuan designed the booklet art on this manufacturing products off a free-based Pop culture musical on simultaneously Disco-Pop and Techno annular while the front cover didn’t look like an acceptable music played in the cross-mixing between an eighties boy vocal group and the experimental New Wave meets Motown dance meets Funk themed of those cheaper movies made in Hollywood about urban living over Nuluv - the recording.
But afraid not cause the Sound, Zero, One or Island are so damn good for dancing with your next door neighbor or your buddy’s girlfriend like secretly doing a cheat for once in your life. 

Is it possible not to do ?