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Misfit Showtime (Frontiers Records 2017)

   For the favorable head-banging of Hair Metal and Glam Metal partying crazy music with its slogan o solid in sex, drugs n’ Rock n’ Roll; Hell In The Club must be your ultimate choice to grab as they’re comprised all your playlist likes over the 80’s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal parade of legendary names such as Def Leppard or Motley Crue to Helloween and Ronnie James Dio but overlapping them within more riffs, more noise and unique big hooks, catchy chorus and of course, the chained gang of harmony vocals like a mix of flashback of the past eighties to modern days finish-line. By the member’s names as Damnagoras or Davide Moras with Marco Lanciotti as familiar as others might inhabits the group positions as well; the releasing album on these Italian rockers catalog might attracting your interest up with See You On The Dark Side. Bragging, blasting and cranking their harmony solos or melodic sounds completely strong as titles like The Phantom Punch, Little Toy Soldier, I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker or Houston We’ve Got No Money to Withered In Venice shall overcome the monotonous living out of your misery.

Hard Rock and Glam Metal are once again alive and kicking on this recording !

See You On The Dark Side: