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Misery Guts (Self-Released 2015)

Melbourne – Australia shaken out real time and dropped hard as the motto from old school Hardcore always said wisely to us, “what comes up must fall down – sometimes harder to worst !” and by that, you shall have your ears torturing by the pounding sounds of extreme blasting via the presentation based on rage against injustice and being stressed-out and kicked aside by greedy life too long may counting the days where this encounters like this one may occur upon you at any time.

Exposed’s self-titled recording here isn’t an intrusion on the evolving Hardcore band turning Metal-Core or Modern Metal; this is the pure reality fists messaging and music via the mosh-pit where danger and violence owns their crowns back by destroying most of the contenders with terrible bloody club-fight to the death just like the infamous riff-age and drum-bashing stereo gutted through Bad Trip (ft. Paul Williams), Live Die Rot, Bone Orchard  down to Poisoned Youth – tells you what’s happening today and the long-period of thus threatening treats lurking to attack the righteous on by one.