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Migraine (The Troubled Hubble House2002 )

   Not exactly Chicago area local group but coming from Elburn still in Illinois state especially for you – here’s the good youngster band of brothers named Troubled Hubble playing their simple coexisting Alternative Rock in a mid-tempo and Jangle-Pop for the established culture of creative sounds that easily can make the audience loving them and their music very much. Not many like them by sounds these days anymore as the real Alternative Pop and Rock movements already dying since the suicidal story of Kurt Cobain dragged the fame of this new features of Rock form further slippery deeper into the dark territorial but Penturbia recording from Troubled Hubble seems to be an illumination from the simplicity ideas that makes comfortable feelings as the next steps really turning to better and spontaneous thoughts that just popped out your head sometimes can be a good sign for starting a band or writing songs. Let the ears searching the best tracks from the album onto yourself and the making sense possibility over the twelve songs inside; You Stay Here I’ll Go Get Help, Albatross, I Love My Canoe, Paper/Stone to Try to Find, What We Do and Work seemingly caught someone else attentions because this Indie Rock didn’t need a boundaries for vanishing honesty on humans whether sociably, one would seeing how modern people suing others for something they didn’t do.

Dream about thus greener city with its wild-life and non- human existence there on the painting !