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Michael Fassbender (Bandcamp 2017)

   As being helping to constructs their sounding of best background vocals with Nikki Austin, Brian Speaker, Vishnu Anantha to Dalton Gomez and many more; the unique recording of this dark-skinned duo of Erik Garlington (vocals, rhythm guitars, bass, piano) and Eli Watson (drums) with Dalton Gomez on lead guitars for Great Weight successfully, made their Power-Pop album of The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life like a satanic-connected vows of pop-cultured expansions from a lesser-known commonly regular musicians and melodious chords available via their self-written daily themes experiences turning to songs like Curtain’s Up! It’s Showtime, Germany 1991, The American Way, Not Black Enough or Dear – making these blended of New York’s Emo-Rock with Afro-punk and N.W.A attitudes sounded unfamiliar among rap-lovers but will be accepted without a second changing opinions by thus skater kids on puberty and broken ugly girls …

The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life: