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Meridian Arc (Function Records 2014)

   Of Leicester, Leeds and Manchester probably uniting these Post-Rock members to a power-joint ventures on basic ideas, creativity commons and seminal arrangements for making music together as songs being written and sounds being corporate quietly with the small values of influences from Muse or Pop-version mixture between Radiohead collaborating with Trent Reznor in premature instant touches of strings and horns sectioned arrangements softer closely wrapped in a gift for lonely people on the retirement house.
One might needs to thank to Tiernan Welch (bass, vocals), Adam Weikert (drums, banjo, keyboards, mandolin, double bass, theremin, vocals), Tom Morris (vocals, guitars, keyboards, banjo), Anja Madhvani (violin, vocals, keyboards) and Thom Corah (synthesizer, keyboards, trombone) blessing their ways of inherit the heritage as spreading melodies of gloom and empowered un-satisfactions drawn via the depressing lyrics or themes chosen to circling the universe around themselves went through I Was on The Back of a Nightingale, The Roots Run Deep, “It’s Called. Daisy”, Ragman Roll as ended up onto Perfect Prime by Her Name Is Calla. 
A Celluloid tape for measurements onward a wrapping paper trying to comforts the gift of life by using harmony as a Navigator.