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Men Of Clay (Not On Label 2012)

   Got the perfect Melodic Metal of Folk-Symphonic Heavy Rock themes and quite courageous lead vocals; for All Souls Night or The Beginning or The Wicked Wheel and plenty tracks available here on the self-written materials by the irish-ed name taken for the group magical identity as Triddana or Fights and the magic of Scottish and Irish Folkish heritage and Heavy metal techniques by the beauty and magic tempos in rocking start-up being popularized by these Spaniard from Argentina rock band consisting of Diego Valdez (vocals), Pablo Allen (bagpipes), Juan Jose Fornes (guitars) and Fernando Marty (bass) with Ranz on drums playing their powerful Folk Metal as it growing faster and more talented to listen into by you and the rest of Folkish Metal lovers within the debut entitled Ripe For Rebellion. Between the bloodiest wars or battles and the celebrations of victory of the ritualistic series of pagan calendar beliefs event may commonly, written here as the themes twart the enemies and the celebrating season in greetings if it’s not by swords just like Spoke The Firefly and Reaper’s Lullaby would be entirely – won’t meet a ground.
   Cranking this for the good old sake on the past dark ages to the brighter enlightenment tomorrow where there’s no more burning valleys but bonfires.

Ripe For Rebellion: