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Medio Del Rodeo (Independent 2013)

   Earzumba's small project of Hermano Reyfane must be a unit that defines a greater look on experimenting collage of Psychedelic Rock and Space Tricky-Pop by improvisation with the collaborative measuring by these figures of talented musicians: Tomas Muller (guitars, vocals), Roberto Conlazo (guitars, drums, percussion, vocals) to Earzumba (synth-bass, synthesizer, keyboards) as for the last name an alias for solo project for Christian Dergarabedian of Buenos Aires – Argentina over this recording stock on Los Hermanos Reynafe in explorations key-searching in order to blend thus colorful music genre of traditional and modern electro-acoustic such as Sampladelia, free-Pop improvisations, Drone noises and more humor, meditating, chaos of interpretations and works that defying career to please some ears and audiences for ancient modernism or electronic antiquities noises.
The beheaded of a beloved one or treachery can’t closing the unique balance helpfully served within Canumilla, Martin Toraro, Roble Guacho or Estancia La Deseada. High-quality preserved in an abnormal Spanish-background instrumental sounds of Electro music.